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Waste Watchers - Holiday Club Write-up

Over the Easter Holiday, 40 children and helpers from here and other churches in the circuit attended the Waste Watchers’ Holiday Club. If you were here you would have seen the front of church set up as a park plus the fantastic garden shed which doubled as a puppet theatre for Larry and Barbara.

Each day had Waste Watchers Words (WWW) which introduced a Bible story, there were craft activities, puzzle workbooks, games, a quiz, a puppet sketch, singing including the theme song, ‘What a Load of Rubbish’, the Creation Song and Hosanna; aerobics; snacks,memory verse and prayer. Mosaic pictures were created during the week which are now on the board in the foyer. We followed the adventures of Parky, Carrie, Harry and Barry in each day’s episode of the drama as Parky’s pride and joy of the perfect park with nothing out of place was first spoilt with lots of rubbish and then transformed into a beautiful place which everyone could enjoy and play in.

Monday the WWW was ‘From Nothing to Something’ and we looked at the story of Creation through Godly Play and each group made a table tidy, made from recycled material to keep pencils, crayons, felt tips, scissors etc. in. Each group also planted cress seeds which they watched grow during the week.

Tuesday the WWW was ‘From Water to Wine’, the story of Jesus’ first miracle in Cana and everyone made a buttonhole flower out of plastic bags and a straw decoration which they used for a ‘wedding reception’ tea to which parents and friends were invited.

Wednesday the WWW was ‘From Darkness to Light’, the story of Jesus healing a blind man and half the children made T light holders out of clay and the others a cross from hama beads.

Thursday the WWW was ‘From Death to Life’, the death of Jesus and the crafts were reversed from the day before.

Friday the WWW was ‘From Sadness to Joy’, the resurrection of Jesus and the craft activity was a choice of musical instruments which were used to accompany some of the singing. Parents and friends were invited to join us part of the day’s programme to share in the puppets, songs and last episode of the drama. Each child was given a laminated certificate and on the back was a picture of creation which they had coloured during the week.

Throughout the week we thought about how to reduce, reuse and recycle. We explored the wonder of God’s creation, discovered the mess caused by disobeying God, thought about how we should be looking after what God has created and celebrated how Jesus can transform our lives through what he has done for us.

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