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Since July 19th, most Covid restrictions will not be enforced by Law. However the Government and the Methodist Church are encouraging us to proceed cautiously.

The current local Covid rates, the needs of those who are shielding or unvaccinated and an understanding of the highest risks of infection have been taken into account by the church Covid group in planning the way forward.Some things will remain largely unchanged for church services.

  • We will continue to ask people to wear masks in Church, if possible.

  • We will retain the social distancing of of our seating.

  • We will continue to keep records of those attending services and encourage them to use the displayed QR code.

  • We will continue with good ventilation.

Some changes will include the following steps:

  • An opportunity for congregational singing in Sunday services, initially a short hymn at the end of the service, allowing people to leave who are not comfortable with this.

  • Coffee mornings will will restart on Thursday 5th August, withbetter table spacing and table service only.

  • We will share tea and coffee together after Sunday services commencing on 8th August. Again with table service only.

  • The Community Day Centre has restarted with appropriate precautions in place.

The Covid group will continue to monitor the risks and make further changes when appropriate and safe to do so.

Our aim is not simply to go back where we where pre-Covid, but to come back better and stronger.


We raised £256.50  which has paid for 4 toilets. One each in four countries across Africa.

Church Renovations

Over the last few months the "Sunday School " room has been refurbished.

It is still a multipurpose room but can now be used as a "Side Chapel / Prayer room".

Sunday school room.jpg
Old Sunday School room.jpg