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Christmas Letter

Dear Friends,

As you will see from our current events we have lots of different opportunities for celebrating Advent and Christmas. A warm welcome is extended to all.

In addition the church community is using a South American tradition, known as ‘Posada’, to help prepare for the significance of the season. ‘Posada’ is the Spanish word for ‘inn’ and it involves a re-enactment of the journey made by Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem. Crib figures of Mary and Joseph (in this case wooden characters painted in a Latin American style) ‘travel’ from home to home within the local community. As the figures visit each home they prompt the hosts to reflect on what Advent means, and to pray and read the Christmas story together. The journey ends as the nativity figures return to the church on Christmas Eve. A journal is kept of the journey made – with hosts being invited to record their comments. You can see photos of their journey here

This prayer of blessing travels with the nativity figures:

God of Mary and Joseph,

Bless us whenever we look at the scene in the stable.

Through all the days of Advent and Christmas

may the Nativity Scene tell us the story of finding Christ in all places.

Fill our homes with hospitality and joy, gentleness and thanksgiving.

Guide our steps in the way of peace.

Grant this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

May you know, and share, God’s blessing this Christmas,

Yours in Christ’s service, Julie

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