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Go M.A.D.! Holiday Club at Mossley Methodist

Fifty seven local children have had a great week of fun and games at the ‘Go M.A.D.’ (Make A Difference) holiday club at Mossley Methodist Church! The week has been full of crafts, drama, music, puppets, puzzles, quizzes, games and Bible stories.

Each day there was an episode of a drama play starring Doctor Phew and his assistant Hannah – complete with their Tardis. The Tardis also doubled as a puppet theatre so that the children catch up with the daily adventures of Larry and Barbara.

Superintendent Minister, The Rev’d Julie Coates, said: ‘We spent time every day learning about some of the Biblical characters who did unusual things much to the amazement of those around them. Inspired by these stories, and contemporary examples from Christian Aid, each child recorded a statement declaring what they would like to do to Make A Difference in our world today.’

When asked what they liked best about Go M.A.D. one of the children said,

‘I loved the crafts at the start’, others stated ‘I liked the games’ and one participant added ‘I loved all of it.’

Parents were very appreciative and commented on how much their children had enjoyed the week and how they couldn’t stop talking about it when they got home.

A big thank you to all of the volunteers from the Ashton under Lyne Methodist Circuit who worked hard to make the week a success.

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