About Holy Habits


Mossley Methodist Church is embarking on the Holy Habits programme, starting at Pentecost 2018.

This will be a two year opportunity to deepen our discipleship by forming and/or developing habits that will help to bring us as individuals, and as a church community, closer to God. 


These ten particular habits are inspired by the description of the early Church in Acts 2:42-47. The list below shows the order in which we will be engaging with them. 




All ten of the habits are interrelated and each one of them will take us on an adventure as we seek to intentionally deepen our faith and serve God in our daily lives. Although we will be exploring them one at a time, we will always be building on previous learning and discovering ways in which they overlap. 


Holy Habits are for everyone – young and old - at whatever stage of the Christian journey we currently find ourselves. Like the original disciples we are called to devote ourselves to these practices – this is not a quick fix -  but it is something that we can integrate into our existing activities. 

About Holy Habits

Holy Habits was developed by Rev Andrew Roberts, a Methodist Minister and specialist is Discipleship within the Methodist Church's Discipleship and Ministries Learning Network.

His programme has now been published as a book, we have copies in Church you can borrow if you would like.

You can find out more about Holy Habits at www.holyhabits.co.uk

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